sábado, 5 de julio de 2008

I love you :):)

best friends

They are carla and vero "the chaina" they are my bestfiriends :):)

My boyfriend... I love you baby :):)

Heyy..he is my boyfriend, I love him and we have 8 months together he is a good person and him family too :)

My perfect vacations

I selected a tour for my next vacations

I'm going to orlando. I just be there for a week. I love roller coaster and i know that I have a good time. I have to wear comfortable clothes and tennis because I'm going to walk a lot

The second place that I'll go is Canada, this is a cool place. I have to take a lot of jackets and gloves. I like to climb the mountains and plying with the snow.

After canada , I'll go to Cancun , the beaches there are amazing, I'll be there five days. I have to take a lot of swimsuites. The hotel has five pools, a zoo and a six bars inside de pools.

To finish I'll go to Aruba. I love Aruba because it has beautiful beaches and there are a lot of stores where I can buy many things. The prices are good.

Make a pie of lemon


1) A pack of cookies "Maria"

2) Two cups of sugar

3) 250gr of butter

4) Two eggs

5) six lemons

6) A can of condensed milk


1) Crush the cookies in the mixer.

2) melt the butter in the microwaves

3) mix the butter with the cookies and then put it in a packing of glass

4) squeeze the lemons and mix with the condensed milk. Then put it in the packing of glass

5) beat 2 eggs with the sugar.

6) then put it in the packing of glass

7) bake the pie of lemon for fifteen minutes

My dream's house

I think the perfect house has to be too big, It should have a beautiful and big yard wiht a pool. A chimney inside the house is perfect for cool days. A beach's house is the best option for me. It's amazing when you wake up and you can see the beach just there. A good place for this house could be in Cancun

miércoles, 4 de junio de 2008